Are you like many others?

  • Tired of pain?
  • Want to get back in your favorite sport or daily activity?
  • Frustrated with previous treatment results?
  • Or Want to look better and younger?

We can help you to:

  • Move and Feel better
  • Get back in game and normal life
  • Enjoy living pain-free
  • Look Better with our wellness treatments

We have helped many people to experience fast and lasting results with our effective treatments at all departments.

Our departments:

Sports, Ortho and Spine Physio & Rehab

Our treatments are planned for each patient, to reduce pain, restore muscle strength, and functional movements, increase the mobility of soft tissues and allowing safe and efficient return to daily activity and sports.

Dental services

At our center we provide the highest quality dental care for you and your family in a way that you trust at first visit.

Orthopedic services

Joint replacements, deformity correction, reconstruction and cosmetic procedures with arthroscopic and minimally invasive approaches.

Wellness, Face & Body

Fat loss and body shaping

We offer “body shaping” through “Local fat & volume loss” or “Inch loss” and “Cellulite smoothing” and “Firming” as well as Non invasive Face treatments.

Therapeutic Massage

To ensure our clients’ continuum of care, we offer local Massage Therapy at our center.

What would you like to do?

Highly recommend Dr Fariba’s clinic to all my patients

I would highly recommend the clinic and Dr Fariba to any of my patients and contacts. Very friendly and dedicated team with great results. I have known them for a long time and would refer them anyone who needs treatment for spine, nerves or joint problems.️
5 stars
~ Mostafa Mohseni MD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery

Feeling healthy after 11 years

I really thanks to you and doctor for my treatment, After long time nearly about 11 years I am feeling healthy. Because to my left footdrop I got operated for Spine L5 and S1 in Oct 2009. due to this I got pain in left feet till I got treatment from you. Because of your treatment I got cure about 80% to 90%. Now I feel healthy I can walk for long time. Some tightness feel in the nerves, but I think that it will be normalized after some time. Really thanks to you and your team for careful and lovely treatment for me.

5 stars
~ Mohammed Aslam Ansari

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