Safety and awareness

Many types of accidents occur in the home and elsewhere because of a lack of safety. Many hospital beds are filled with patients who fell, burned, cut, poisoned or injured themselves as a result of unsafe practices. In many cases, these accidents could have been avoided if these people were aware of and implemented proper safety practices. Physiotherapists are extensively trained in educating patients in safety and giving the tools necessary to live a safe life.

Elderly people are especially prone to falls. Physiotherapists can help in improving balance and muscular control through exercise rehabilitation and the prescription of correct footwear, supplying walking aids if needed and we can teach patients how to safely help themselves get up again if they do experience a fall.

Sport and leisure activities carry their risks of accidents. By correcting our patients’ muscle imbalances, ensuring they have the correct biomechanical and postural control as well as adequate movement and stability of joints, physiotherapists are very effective in preventing sporting injuries, rehabilitating patients after sporting injuries and reducing the risk of re-injury. We teach our patients effective warm-up and cool-down exercises and we ensure our patients have the movement and control necessary to safely return to sport.

The workplace is a very common site for accidents and injury. Falls, back and neck injury from improper lifting or inappropriate work stations causing muscle and joint pain and dysfunction are some occurrences. We visit work environments to observe our patients’ job duties and analyse their capabilities concerning the demands of their job. We then make adjustments and recommendations to make the work environment safer and more productive. We also rehabilitate our patients so that they are fit for work without pain or weakness.