Insurance & TPAs

We accept and work with all insurances, some directly and with contract and some other on reimbursement. At any condition, our staff do the paperwork for you. Most insurances require a referral from a physician.

Just call us on 043444828 to learn more.

We have direct billing with the following Insurance and TPAs:

AlMadallah (All networks)
Nextcare (GN and GN+)
Daman Thiqa (All categories)
Mednet (All networks)
AXA (Star and Star plus Networks)
SAICO (Gold, Blue)
Inaya (Gold, Diamond, Silver, Platinum, Platinum Plus Networks)
WAPMED (Comprehensive Plus, Comprehensive, Basic, Restricted Networks)
VIDAL Health (Comprehensive, General Networks)
Amity (General, Standard, Comprehensive Networks)
International SOS


Members and clients of below groups and organization can enjoy discounted rates on our services: