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Therapist target exactly my pain and use the best solution to fix it. For sure I will recommend the clinic to my friends and family. Very professional therapist. Thanks for all.

Ali S

Personal attention and friendly staff. Very professional clinic and Dr. Is extremely knowledgeable and result oriented.

Sanjay P

I liked the appointment flexibility and professional treatment. I would highly recommend this clinic. In fact, I already gave the name of the clinic to some friends. For sure I would come back again if needed.

Alaeddin M

Friendly atmosphere and professionality. Very well educated and competent therapist which is willing to explain in detail the issues.

Clemens W

Professional treatments. This is the best and most professional treatment I got with lots of satisfaction, friendly atmosphere and I would highly recommend to friends and relatives.

Ramesh H

Everything was at a very high level. Thanks for the fast relief of my back pain. You made me feel lighter and happier.

Monica C

The Physiotherpist's perfect treatment and magical fingers to treat my problem right. Can't thank God enough to be meeting Dr. Fariba. Always relived me from severe pain in no time. She's a blessing to me.

Sakshi P

They are very professional in their work. The overall atmosphere of the clinic is very welcoming and friendly. Their techniques are very professional and unique and it was very much helpful for my treatment. I would recommend anyone seeking treatment to visit their clinic as in my opinion it was the best.

Gilda Sh

The skills of Fariba are unmatched in the UAE because I have seen many.

Michel G

I had a very enjoyable experience with the friendly staff and treating physiotherapist. I appreciated the time and patience to listen to all my problems and then to explain the recommended treatment approach. Keep up the good work and all the best.

Fadi Y

Expert knowledge, Helping me recuperate faster from a hand neurosurgery. Highly recommended.


At last, after 4 years of pain and disability, Ms. Fariba Fattahi taught me the correct techniques to rectify my postural and other problems and start the long jounrey back to health. Convenient parking and quiet efficient service.

Alexandra E

Everything is excellent. One of the rare medical places in Dubai you can trust.

Rowaida Al N

This is my first and serious session with physiotherapist and I will say that I liked all the interaction sessions with Ms. Fariba Fattahi. There is nothing I dislike about the clinic. Keep it up!

Rosemund G

The physiotherapist has thorough knowledge and advice for specific physical conditions. Assisted my condition to the core to lessen the chronic pain.

Ammar Kh

Fariba's knowledge and care exceeds the highest expectations. I started seeing her due to a lower back long term issue and she made a massive difference from the first session. Her approach to treatment that includes controlled and increasing number of exercises to restore the patient to normal life activities really suited me from the beginning. I would be very happy to recommend Fariba to anyone as I am totally sure she will not disappoint.

David G


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